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Got recorded calls in Spanish? Another language? Need a bilingual transcript in Alabama or Tennessee? 

District attorneys, U.S. Attorneys, Federal Panel CJA defense attorneys, DCS, etc:

Poorly prepared bilingual evidence can make or break your case. 
Often, court cases involve languages other than English: transcripts of phone-calls, recorded buys, questioning and other law-enforcement interaction with non-English speakers, witness preparation for trial, as well as document translation.
Court interpreters are key for all of these steps. 
Bilingual transcripts: 
If you want your transcripts to hold up in court, you need to make sure that your transcriber:
1) is impartial
2) is an expert in the field
3) has the resumé to prove it. 
4) is prepared to testify as to methodology, technique, and translation choices.
NAJIT has published an excellent position paper on the subject. Even though 
It is a few years old, and speaks of cassettes, however, the information contained in the article is completely applicable as is. 


Here is a link to a masterful arcticle by Clifford S. Fishman for the Washington Law Review Association, about transcripts, both monolingual and bilingual. It will be well worth the read for anyone who has an interest in the subject--as a preparer, or as an end user of transcripts for evidentiary purposes.



















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