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Coral Getino, PhD, CCI, CHI

A native of Spain, Coral moved to Knoxville in 1990. Formal education, personal interests, and life experiences have given her a broad knowledge base, from sciences to humanities, health to technology, immigration to disabilities. Connecting communities is her driving force. 

Coral has a passion for learning, languages, arts and culture. She is an entrepreneur with a visionary spirit, and pays great attention to detail.


Volunteer work in the Hispanic and Disability communities has lead her to develop leadership, communication skills, and the basics of non-profit and project management. Coral is an experienced event coordinator and project manager. 

Areas of interest and expertise include diversity, accessibility, consulting, grant writing, project management, translation, interpretation, editing, proofreading, communication, healthcare and judiciary interpretation, as well as science, Hispanic and Latino concerns, and traditional arts. 


Coral was one of the first interpreters certified by the Tennessee Administrative Office of Courts' interpreter certification program.


Certified HealthCare Interpreter, CCHI (2015)
Certified Judiciary Interpreter in the State of Tennessee (2005)
Former Spanish Instructor at the University of Tennessee
Former Scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab 
HoLa Hora Latina founding member


Certified Court Interpreter

Certified Healthcare Interpreter
Spanish Language Solutions, Inc

Coral may be reached through SELTINET at 

+1 205 9485151 +1 205 9485151, or by calling 865-384-5087, or by email at

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