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Corporate Mediation / Mediación empresarial

Mediation is an appealing alternative to traditional conflict resolution in the courtroom*, and can also be used where very different people need a starting point for negotiations.


Maví Figueres's business background, and profound knowledge of U.S. and Latin American cultures, means that she can help your business turn a tense environment into a constructive one through bi-cultural corporate mediation.


Corporate mediation can help save time, money, and aggravation, while helping you to reach a practical and viable agreement for your business, for your employees, and other business partners. An impartial mediator will help you to find workable solutions. 


Bi-cultural or bilingual corporate mediation helps companies to resolve disputes with employees who come from a different cultural or linguistic background. 



In Spanish, there is an expression: "Hablando se entiende la gente." (Roughly, by talking it through, people understand each other.) By approaching diverging interests through an impartial, non-judgmental third party, people often find it easier than they thought to resolve difficult situations. Mediation can help you avoid losing your investment in employee training, and save you time and money searching for new employees, by helping you find real, practical, workable solutions, and helping your employees to avoid migrating to other companies.

* Mediators are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.





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